Welcome to my website where my creativity, technology, and heartfelt values converge. Here, I explore the realms of innovative NFTs, soulful music, advanced software solutions, and a giving platform that embodies our spirit of generosity. As a pastor, I intertwine these ventures with messages of hope and community. Embark on this journey with me, where every click connects you to stories, solutions, and a shared mission to make a meaningful impact.

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Euedoo Software
[ you-do ]

Euedoo Software's mission is to add value and help clients achieve new levels of success in their business endeavors and initiatives. The products and services are packaged to leverage Euedoo Software's vast area of expertise to meet your needs in today's ever-changing digital climate. Euedoo Software specializes in web-based software development, apps, and design.

Software packages include:

Care.Gives, a free giving platform like GoFundMe, only better!
Steeple.Center, church management software.

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Keyogee's NFTs and Digital Art

Are you ready for the Metaverse?!! Get your NFTs right here!

Ride into the Metaverse with Future Car, My 1st NFT Collection. Own these timeless NFTs today!

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Rhema Music Group

Rhema Music Group, LLC, is a Christian, Gospel & Inspirational Record Label. Rhema Music Group was created to provide a platform for christian, gospel & inspirational artists, psalmists, prophetic minstrels, etc., to create music that inspires and lifts up the name of Jesus, without compromise.

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University Ministries

University Ministries is a nondenominational where the Power of God is manifested and the Glory of God is revealed. It is a church where we love God and love people. My wonderful wife and I are the Senior Pastors.

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Jazz Single Available Now!

New Day Single | Gregory Speights

Get the music!

Also available on Deezer, Dubset, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Pandora, Shazam, Slacker Radio, Tidal and more!

About Gregory

Gregory loves Jesus and is the husband to his beautiful wife, senior pastor, musician, software engineer, and entrepreneur.

Gregory has always had a passion for technology and music. He started playing the drums at five years old and the keys at age 12 and has been playing in church since then.

He also fell in love with technology early on and would ultimately major in computer science at Florida A&M University (FAMU). At FAMU, he was first introduced to the internet and would eventually have the tremendous opportunity to be on the team to build FAMU's first website. He is now the University Webmaster and Assistant Director of IT Services at FAMU.

Gregory started two companies, Euedoo Software, and Rhema Music Group. Euedoo Software is a software development company specializing in web-based software, mobile apps, and web development & design. Technology has been a significant part of his life as he loves to create and solve problems. Rhema Music Group is a Christian/Gospel/Inspirational record label, where he released a jazz single, New Day, and plans on releasing more music and signing other artists.

Gregory's interests include technology, music, business, investing, biblical studies, travel, automobiles, and enjoying life with his wonderful wife.


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